Have you heard of Woojer? It is a permanent part of my Gaming Rig.

A few years back I crowdfunded a company called Woojer. They were in the development of a personal subwoofer in 2 formats, a Strap (Single Source) and a vest (Multi-Source), I opted for the Strap, and I have not been disappointed. It took a bit over a year for the device to arrive, and I have used it in a number of scenarios. Using it for general music has not been something I do a lot (though I may go running with it today), I do take it with me when I fly, as it makes movie watching on my phone or tablet much more fun. My #1 use for the Woojer Strap, First Person Shooters. This device adds a TON of function.

I am a huge fan of both the Borderlands and Fallout franchises. (I look forward to Borderlands 3) To get my mind off the stresses of the day, yeah, I will hit my PS4-Pro, and load up Fallout 76. While I don’t need the Woojer to enjoy the game, the elements it adds is fantastic. Bethesda did some great things with the audio in Fallout. footfalls of various creatures and players are different. While you can hear the difference in the game under headset, you can feel the difference with a Woojer Strap on.

It is pretty cool when you are sneaking around an area and you can feel the presence of an advisory even before hearing them.

I have also added the Woojer Strap with my PS-VR rig, Again, it is pretty incredible when you add even the slightest new sensory element. It is definitely not the immersive experience we all crave (Ready Player One) but for a not too expensive home-based rig, it is pretty darn cool.

All in all, no complaints on the money invested in this cool gadget.

Strap™ by Woojer

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