Life without good cold brew is not worth living.

Oh the modern times we live in. 4 days ago, my 3 year Primula old cold brew pot decided to crack and shatter in the dishwasher. A very sad day. It had served me well for the 14.00 I believe I paid for it on

Primula Cold Brew Pot. Plastic shell, glass chamber, nylon and plastic filter.
Primula Cold Brew Filter. (Yes, the beans were not ground at this point. Moments later they were poured into my OXO grinder and course ground)

We’ll I took this opportunity to upgrade to an Ovalware cold brew pot. (1.5 liter) It seems a very good upgrade. I’ll know after a free more brews.

The new toy. Ovalware Cold Brew Pot.

Likes: 100% lab grade glass. Seems sturdy. Removable silicone bumper for the bottom. The seals are also silicone.

Dislike: The metal filter with micro hole feels a bit flimsy. Possibly could use an interior or exterior support. It would be nice if the bottom of the filter came off. Making it easier to clean. Without a bit more support, it is not practical for it to be removable.

All in all, for a 1.5 liter cold brew maker, it seems a major win.

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