1. I also loathe the running. So much so that I have started skipping the Monday Bootcamp workouts (running day!) in favor of doing the much more intense overall Saturday morning beach workout. A big part of why I hate running is that i never seem to improve…sounds like PodFitness could help me but only if they work out the damn bugs!

  2. Okay Smurf and Rob, you’ve effectively lured me into being a fitlife reader.

    Here’s my iPod + running secret that works great for out and backs. I made a series of mixes, each with the aim of being varying lengths for my different work out goals. I.E. 30 min mix, 40, 45, 60, 90 and 120. You pick a center song to be your run mid point (so you know when to turn around- a watch is fine but I always found myself checking it every 2 minutes.) For the center song, I used the same one in every mix as a sort of pavlovian trick, specifically XX:XY by Blonde Redhead.

    Next, alternate fast short songs (for sprints) with longer slower songs to help you with your pace.

    This project takes a little knowledge about your song library and some tweaking, but doesn’t cost a thing, and always managed to get me excited to run.

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