Stay The Fuck At Home!

I am seeing a lot of paranoid chatter from people. I understand that a stay in place order is difficult. It does push the boundaries of your civil liberties. As long as the laws do not change, you still have your rights.

The current situation is bigger than your personal frustration or the desire to socialize. (Yes I get it, many people want to go back to work, and don’t have the ability to work from home.) This is a situation of “you” deciding that you are accountable for your friends, family and even people you do not know.

You may decide you want to go to the gym, to work, to get your hair cut. If (and when) you get infected by this very pervasive virus, you will pass it on to others.

Your “Right to get sick” eliminates other peoples “Right to not get sick.” It is a game of statistics, and being socially aware. With this pandemic, in today’s society, we have the unique opportunity to take care of our neighbors by taking care of ourselves.

Physical bombs are not falling, food is available, communication lines are in place. We are not foraging for food, we have decent health care options as long as we don’t exacerbate the problem, and there is an end in sight if we persevere.

I want to go out, do things, see people face to face, and get back to normal. I won’t risk my girls to do that. I won’t risk your kids, your parents, your grand parents to do that.

Frustration leads to stupid decisions. Fight them. You want to prove you are strong. You want to prove you are a warrior, a protector, a good person, then focus on why we are doing this.

So other people don’t die when it can be helped. It takes compassion, a lot of restraint, and a focused will.

Now is not the time to justify “why the experts are wrong,” with propaganda and conspiracy theory. Now is the time to double down, stay strong and take care of your friends and your community.

Don’t be the cause of the 2nd wave of the Covid-19 outbreak. Be part of the solution.

The heroes on the front line of this medical crisis deserve your respect and support .Our families, friends, and neighbors need us to be strong. The “Essential workers” getting sick to keep your grocery stores open, your power on and your water running deserve the best chance to stay healthy.

Stay the fuck at home! Don’t gather in groups. Stop listening to idiots who don’t care if you die. Find people who want you to live.

I want you to live.

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