Even superheroes lose now and again.

The story is far from over, but, this battle was lost to a series of villains. I’d say it is a common story, but I had never seen a story unfold quite like this… (names have been changed to protect the innocent….bum bum)

3.5 years ago the Green Arrow was recruited by Green Lantern to protect the world like it had never been before. As a team they were unstoppable. They took the mantle and built a new Super Group. Over the next 3 years, they recruited one hell of a team. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Green Lantern Corps, and more joined their fight. Unfortunately, there were some villains masquerading as heroes that were also recruited to the team.

Being a true cynic, Green Arrow did notice that some of the recruits were not working for the common good. After bringing it to the attention of Batman and Green Lantern, he was dismissed as being paranoid. Green Arrow’s last words on the subject were, “He is cancer and will destroy the team.” (He could not have been more right) (“Some hideous moral cancer is rotting our very souls.”)

The villains began to wage a secret battle all the while recruiting more villains or secretly eliminating some of the heroes.

The team as a whole was now aware of the secret battle. Batman and Green Lantern had been fighting a private battle, one they tried to maintain on their own and not distract the team from the mission. This was a fatal flaw in their strategy.

Soon they were blindsided by those they considered friends. Their battle was lost and the ripple effect tore their team of heroes apart.

The Trickster, a practically useless villain in everything he did, somehow pulled off 2 tricks on the Super Group. 1.) He convinced Batman that he was competent and would use his (useless) abilities to support the team. 2.) He convinced Sinestro, Brainiac and Lex Luthor (the old school really evil prick) to pretend to be heroes, and then strike the killing blow.

The irony of being the Trickster, no matter how great he thought he was, no matter the plan, he was still a D level villain and was tossed out like trash.

Aftermath: Green Lantern is now building a new team. Green Arrow has lost Queen enterprises and is rebuilding. The team has disbanded but some of the original heroes may join Green Lantern in his new mission. The powers of darkness now control the original team’s power source, but, it may not matter, as each hero has begun rebuilding their power sets.

The future is bright, and the powers of evil are overconfident. Deluded even. (Much like the Cheeto, but that is another story)

(Ok. When I use superheroes, I guess the story is much more common. In comic books, not life. WTF!!!)

Addendum: It seems the Trickster has finagled is way back into the Legion of Doom. I suspect it will be a matter of time before he and his cohorts are put to pasture. Rumor is that they have made a play for China, and will soon have to deal with a new breed of hero. The like of Kong Kenan, Wang Biaxi and Peng Delain. China is a take no prisoners place, your continued failures will be the end of you.

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