More on Reno Coffee Spots

Magpie Roasters

Walking in you see a concrete top bar, concrete floor and a lot of open wood. That is the first thing you notice, unless they are roasting. After that, you see the roaster in the back. Green, copper, and chrome old-school machinery. While I was there, the place was pretty chill, a few patrons hanging out. It has a vibe I like.

Less hipster art house and more warehouse functional.

The coffee, very good. Grabbed an Americano. Came to me in a mug, nothing pretentious. They roast a nice bean, the flavor was initially bright with a bitterness I love from well-roasted coffee. It mellows quickly and you get a nutty, tea, coffee endnote. Very satisfying.

Jacks Coffee Shop and diner est 1985

An 80ish Denny’s like “restaurant.” I came to try an old-school Perkins, Denny’s, Peppermill style joint. The coffee is pretty standard nondescript black water with a slight bitterness. My guess, it is brewed at different intervals by different people and it may be weaker or stronger with any given pot. I’ll be heading for real coffee soon.

I went for a country breakfast. (This is why America is fat!) 2 eggs sunny side up, smoked bacon (that was practically a steak and it was the highlight of the meal) with biscuits and gravy on top of hash browns. (I tasted them but didn’t eat more than a few bites. Not unpleasant, but no one needs that many carbs)

This place definitely needs a facelift, but it presents clean (but used) and the staff is nice. Reasonable cheap eats.

Bibo Coffee Company

The young alternative coffee loving staff made me a tasty Americano. While it seems they roast their own beans, they bring in their espresso. I can see why, it is very good and if you can’t beat it, use it.

Cold brew: Really, it was fine. I would not go out of my way for it.

Lots of open space, a patio, good music selections playing. Not a bad hang out. The clientele at this location looks to be students and such. Not full of laptops and people taking meetings.

If you are seeking a tasty espresso drink, I’d stop here.

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