Doing the coffee thing in Reno. Work in progress.

While many might think that Reno is a place you get stranded or end up at through bad life choices, I am finding a vibrant and growing city. As with any city, there is more to the coffee society than Starbucks. As a self-appointed coffee junkie, I am on a new coffee adventure. When I was in Truckee, my choices were limited, but the coffee experience there was very good for a town of its size.  Let’s review:

Dark Horse Roasters

Small batch local roaster in downtown Truckee. My favorite drip coffee in all of Tahoe. Great vibe, amazing beans, and a fantastic staff. This place is one of 2 magnificent places in Truckee. The only downside, parking is not great, especially in the winter months. If you can find parking, this is a great spot to spend time at.


Another locally owned and operated coffee shop with the best cold brew and nitro coffee in Tahoe. (It is delicious rocket fuel) The food is great, the staff is very friendly and the owners are amazing people. With an abundance of parking and convenient location, you can’t go wrong with a cup at Zuri. My number one stop in Truckee.

Coffee Bar

While I find the baked good very tasty, their coffee has been hit or miss for me. They have 2 locations in Truckee, of which I prefer the smaller one down past Truckee High School. The one downtown was redone to be very SF or NY coffee shop experience. Too modern, too hipster, too not my style.

These are the 3 best coffee shops in Truckee. Wild Cherries is not my scene and the coffee does not stand up to the others. Tough Beanz is a casual spot with lots of parking, but their bean choice leaves a lot to be desired. Finally, Red Truck over by the airport wants to be a small restaurant, not a coffee shop. So they fall off my list. (Their coffee is nothing spectacular, which is due to a lack of focus)

OK. Now to Reno.


They are everywhere. Nuff said.

Hub Coffee Roasters

Today was my first trip to Hub and was pleasantly surprised. It is on the Truckee River, lots of parking, great vibe AND really good coffee. Their Americano holds up and the scones are great. Add to that a vibrant clientele, and you have a winning coffee shop. This place is not to be missed.

Old World Coffee

The cold brew nitro is good, it is made with their own espresso blend in a 16-ounce cup with no ice, tasty. (It has a coffee/tea note to it)

I ordered 2 drinks and they forgot to make my Americano. There were no questions asked when I went up to the counter. It was made with their espresso blend. It was a very small cup with good flavor. The Americano is small but mighty. It starts with a bitter nutty flavor to begin with and is definitely the way to go. If they make a larger version it could be my go-to drink there.

If you’re in the area it’s worth stopping in I wouldn’t drive to it like I did. Space is sparsely decorated but comfortable. It looks like a millennial hipster hangout.

Lighthouse Coffee

 Another small run roasted and a cute coffee shop in Sparks by the Marina. The food is very nice. Yes, I enjoyed the quiche. They have a really good nitro coffee and the Americano I had there was solid. The few times I have been, it was not too crowded and the staff was super nice. If it was closer to my apartment, I would definitely hang out here.

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