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  1. I couldn’t agree more about the complete overuse of Upper Plus/Abs Core Plus combo. I don’t mind the repetition of the Abs/Core Plus so much, because I find it is a really effective workout for me- once I burn the layer of fat, I think AC+ will do more to get me the abs I want than Ab Ripper X, which really bothers my hip flexors.

    Also, Rob mentioned the “Trainer Tracks” these are OK the first few times, but you’ll notice a few cases where the trainer track talks over instructions to switch sides, so if you don’t WATCH and listen, you could be screwed on one side. Poor planning on Tony’s part there.

    And, for Pete’s sake… knock it off with pushing the dumbells! I work in marketing and I half wonder if at one point there was an intention to put together a few mini P90X workouts that would be offered free as a co-branded marketing tool. Because, man alive, it is annoying. WAY too much sales for a product I paid for.

    You may notice there is no specific lower-body workout in the P90X+ rotation, but if you are doing Plyo and Total Body correctly, you should still get a nice leg workout. You do feel a little like “Upper Body again? What about lower body?”, though.

    I was only able to do Kenpo Cardio X 3/4 of the way through before Rob got so pissed that he shut it off. I did have to flail like a cracked-out Muppet to try to get my heartrate “in the zone,” though.

    I’ll do a review of P90X and P90X+ “from a woman’s perspective” soon- not that gender matters too much, but it seems to be a topic of discussion on some boards.

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