1. I believe some bacon chocolate (available at Molly Stone’s) would pair well with this booze recipe.

  2. I’m awaiting the Bacon Vodka with bacon bated breath! You think you could make a Vegan version subsituting Baco’s???

  3. Some of the comments on the recipe suggest that Beggin’ Strips might be an acceptable substitute. I bet those are pretty much soy and fake smoke flavor.

  4. Great- just what I need, a dog beggin for Beggin Strip Vodka. I’m curious, can you use the seperated vodka fat to butter your frying pan like my Grandma does? If so I think you just made her year! Grandma likes to travel with her own booze- you know, in case where ever we’re going doesn’t serve her brand.

  5. B2B is May 18th!!! We need to figure out if there will be some karaoke sideline action on the Panhandle.

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