1. Dang, you prolific mofo, you went and buried my post under all your blather! J/K….I agree that being a couch potato doesn’t feel good, nor does drinking to excess too many nights a week at karaoke. I’ve been guilty of both.

  2. Sorry all the posts last night Hizzle, won’t be long though before we get your post on the new Fitness Review page. 🙂 There it will shine bright in the foreground!

    It is funny how fast the couch potato”ing” can turn into a habit. Though I have been using my Tivo to consolodate my potato time, which I use to sometimes replace my drinking. (Last night was Top Chef, Last Restaurant Standing and Hells Kitchen. (See a theme?)) 🙂

    And the TV time came after a 60 minute “Total Body Plus” work out. Oh yeah baby! (P90X Plus!) So I got some serious calories burnt, and didn’t mind the sitting on the couch for 2.5 hrs.

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