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  1. I want to comment on this post to point out an interesting phenomenon– I don’t dislike Kenpo X nearly as much as Rob does*, and he doesn’t spew the same vitriolic opinions about Yoga X as I do. Why? Because Rob is actually trained in Martial Arts, and I am actually trained in Ashtanga Yoga. So we both know that, while these may be perfectly fine “Kicking and punching with the intention of getting the heartrate up” or “Standing a squat and repeating shit over and over to develop leg strength and instill hatred” workouts, the user is in no way “learning martial arts” or “developing a yoga practice.” I chuckle every time I see the infomercial and the woman talks about how she knows she’ll “be involved in Kenpo Karate for the rest of her life” because I just really hope she is exploring that outside the video series.

    * While I don’t dislike the Kenpo videos in the same way as Rob does, I do dislike that it’s very easy for it to be a very crappy workout. The redhead in the video really is a horrible example of how to do the workout. I was finding my heartrate was doing NOTHING, because I was mimicking her. I had to start kicking my own ass during the “breaks” with huge jumping jacks and X-outs, just to get my heartrate to spike into zone. I also found that I needed to mess with my breath a lot to get the intensity up on the rest of the workout. If you do it like the redhead in the videos, you will barely break a sweat. Then again, I guess that’s the point of the whole program- it’s YOU that has to “bring it,” and that might be something different for everyone. And Cardio Kenpo X really is just sheer and utter, poorly-thought-out ass.

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