1. Hi Rob.
    I am on my second week of P90X and absolutely love it.Just like you I have been working out since I was 14 and made great gains in high school and even during the 4 years I was in the Marine Corps.After getting out of the service though I joined gym after gym and also realized that commercial and even local gyms just werent cutting it for me so I purchased everything I would need for a first class home gym and after 4-5 years realized that I just couldnt motivate myself to get in there with the intensity I knew I needed.So I ordered P90X and absolutely love it and cant wait to see what it can so for me.Good luck to you on your 90 day journey.

  2. Hey Stan,

    I am actually now on my 6th week of my second Beach Body Session. (Now doing P90X plus) I got to tell you, P90X is the real deal, it kicks some serious ass. I went from 24.5% body fat or so to 14% in 90 days. (went from 212 lbs to 210 lbs)

    I can’t say enough about it. If you need a coach check me out on http://www.milliondollarbody.com/robt . Keep bringing it! See you online!

  3. Rob!
    the 2 big workout banes of my existence: 2 kids and a great job.
    My solution for now is A) baby stroller jogger contraption, B) a gum in my workplace basement.

    Liking your post, but not unlike my TiVo, I find it difficult to keep up-and I don’t even have cable tv!

    Dude- I miss you and our epic workouts of yore. I’m glad you’re doing this blog!

    Keith J

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