1. OK, I’ll bite…har. Beef stroganoff…it’s one of my fave things to cook, but with the sour cream sauce and beef and noodles, it probably packs a whopping fat content.

  2. Thanks to diverticulitis, I can’t eat raw veggies or fruit (have to cook them), and I must eat a high-fiber diet. Here’s what I like to eat: meat! Help me out.

  3. hmmm…… my favorite meals are healthy. I dare you try to further healthify the big bowl of steamed broccoli topped with chili garlic sauce that I nearly nightly for dinner. BUT in an effort to play the game, I suggest BURRITOS with cheese, guac, and mucho pico de gallo. Let’s get that isht healthy!

  4. great site!

    If you can figure out where to go for healthy paella I’ll be the first in line.

  5. Looking forward to becoming a regular reader! I’m hard pressed to think of a way to make a bacon cheeseburger with french fries and coffee milkshake that really taste great and are good for you too. I CHALLENGE you!

  6. These are all great ideas. Laura, I think you know my inclinations well enough to know that you’d get something along the lines of a mini Kobe beef slider with bacon, truffle oil, fontina and crispy shallots. But only one bite. 🙂 Sometimes you just can’t muck with a good thing.

    I have a tough decicion to make here! I, too, love the stroganoff and I have some ideas there. Paella is tasty, but you have to convince Rob to get over his “prepping fish in the house” aversion. And then there’s Speegs… I did make a delicious flank steak yesterday, but that almost seems like cheating. I could do something fun with burritos as well… Hmmm…

    I’ll be making my decision and getting to work on Sunday of next week (see my upcoming blog as to why I’m trying to not concentrate on super-yum food for the next 6 days.)

    Any last-minute ideas, folks?

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